VibeSquaD Farewell

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Hello Friends,

Hard to believe, but 2016 marks 10 years of VibeSquaD music! As I write this I am humbled thinking of how many festivals, parties, clubs, theaters, (and even some arenas and amphitheaters) I have been fortunate enough play over these last 10 years. Sharing my music with so many listeners in so many places has been an honor and a privilege for me, far beyond my expectations.

To celebrate a decade of VibeSquaD music I will be releasing a very limited run of vinyl records. These will be comprised of select tracks from the over 100 tracks released on the 12 VibeSquaD albums and EPs. I will also be releasing one more new album “BASS LOVE 2”. (or “Bass love forever” or “bass love the final frontier” something like that, i’m not sure yet ;)

I will be playing a select number of shows up until early Sept 2016, including a Final Farewell Show in Denver with special guests and a marathon VibeSquaD set.

My new booking agent Kyle Day will be handling all bookings. (all promoters who are interested in booking one last VibeSquaD show please contact Kyle ASAP :)

And then its time for me to hang up the VibeSquaD jersey and move on to some other creative projects that are calling my heart. I have just written my 1st screenplay (well, second technically, but I had to teach myself how to go about this new endeavor). I will be directing and scoring my 1st feature film FEAR OF MISSING OUT beginning next week. The film release date is currently September 2016. Stay tuned, I will be sending out a much more detailed movie announcement in 2 weeks.

I have also fallen back in love with my guitar, piano, Rhodes, organ, electric bass, drums, vocals and songwriting and will be creating and releasing new music (most likely under my own name, Aaron Holstein) into the future.

Gratitude, Thanks, and So Much Love to everyone who has supported me on the VibeSquaD journey. Thanks to all of the promoters and especially THANK YOU TO THE FANS!!!

VibeSquaD has been a really special experience in my life, thanks for sharing with me.

I love you.

Aaron (VibeSquaD merch: Hats, music etc…)


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