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Searing. Suspenseful. Climactic. From a swirling vortex of gut-rumbling bass and bouncy, glitched-out beats, an explosion rips through the night. The smoke clears. The only creature left standing is the one known as VibeSquaD.

“VibeSquaD has that perfect sound in between full-on meltdown and deep, ultra-grinding groove. I’ve seen him slaughter dancefloors and then change it up within seconds, beaming out the purest, sweetest frequencies. It’s an all-around diversity that is magnetic because it’s all custom crafted and ultra heavy.” -Bassnectar (aka Lorin Ashton)

Said VibeSquaD, “One-hundred percent of my live sets are my original productions or remixes. I haven’t played other producers’ music for the last five years. I have a huge repertoire of my own tunes. It’s always easier to drop a huge tune at midnight, but it’s much harder to play only your own tracks! That’s what I do.”

Since 2006 and long before America’s insatiable appetite for all things dubstep was born, the musician, producer and DJ known as VibeSquaD (aka Aaron Holstein) has been dropping ill beats and stomach-tearing basslines on the decks as a DJ. In the mid to late-‘90’s, Holstein toured with the Chicago band Boogie Shoes, and he studied jazz guitar for a few years in the late-‘80’s with the saxophonist/composer Yusef Lateef. To say that VibeSquaD’s musical heritage is rich is an understatement. Much like fellow dubstep hero, Skrillex (aka Sonny Moore), VibeSquaD brings a thorough understanding of musicianship and live performance to the EDM club and festival circuit. Said VibeSquad, “I listen to mostly electronic music these days; I haven’t picked up my guitar in quite a while! I love making music with a computer.”

Today playing, in his own words, “100% my own music,” VibeSquaD has built a steady cult following of die-hard, bass-loving fans. Combining a blistering fusion of glitchy EDM, hip-hop and loads of funk, VibeSquaD’s brand of dubstep can best be described as American bass music. All of the vocals on VibeSquaD’s tracks are his own. Fans will know VibeSquaD’s biggest hits: “Bass Travel,” “Flipping Acrobats,” “Shine,” “This Afternoon,” and “The Fireman,” the latter featuring ill.Gates.

Even though the visual imagery and sonic reverberations of glitch-hop and American bass music may feel dark and heavy, VibeSquaD’s ethos radiates nothing by optimism and clarity. Said VibeSquaD, “I am dedicated to making music that vibrates positivity, love and light…with ridiculous amounts of bass and a nasty-ass beat, of course!”